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Chris crocker dating his brother

In another episode, Ravi Ross says he wants to reduce his wedgie ratio to one per fortnight.

Once the underwear is high enough hook it over the top of the back of the chair.Also when Luke has a parachute on he says he has a parachute wedgie.In Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode See No Red, Mac is given a wedgie by his older brother Terrance.Spanking Wedgie: Pull down the victim's pants and give them a wedgie, exposing their bare butt, then spank them as many times as you want. In The Mask: The Animated Series, the main character, The Mask, is regularly seen impulsively administering atomic wedgies to Lt."Wedgie" or "Wedgies" - Country of origin United States. Kellaway and Doyle when they are in pursuit of him, along with numerous villains and anyone else who might fall prey to his antics.

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If over the head, the waistband can be hooked over the nose or in the mouth (adding insult to injury the victim will be blinded by their underwear and forced to taste it).